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Pine Nesting Box
Each nesting box is the recommended size to provide comfort and security for your hens.It is usually recommended to have one nesting box for every 2-5 hens.Two chicken nesting boxes with rear door upgrades.Each Nesting Box can be upgraded with an easy egg-access door in the rear.Nesting Boxes viewed from the front door of a chicken coop.Chicken Coop with Six nesting boxes.Two Nesting Boxes side by side, as viewed from the front.Rear doors for easy egg access.

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes for your hens comfort and safety.

Product Description

These wooden nesting boxes are just the right size for your chickens. Each is handmade in Vermont out of rough-sawn eastern  white pine.

Each nesting box has an circular entry that measures 6″ in diameter, and approximately 12″x12″x12″ on the inside, accommodating the recommended space for your hens to feel both safe and comfortable. Nesting boxes come in single units, but can be ordered in groups of two, four, or eight.

All chicken nesting boxes for sale can be upgraded to include a rear door for easy egg access.


Dimensions (Per Box): 12″x12″x13″

Weight: Approx 10lbs per box. 11lbs for boxes with rear door upgrade.

Product #: NBOX-

Additional Information

Number of Boxes

1, 2, 4, 8

Rear Access Door

No, Yes

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