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8x16 Tiny House on Wheels - Exterior
8x16-Cross-Gable-Tiny-House-trailer-solar-powered-cabin8x16-cross-gable-tiny-house-wheels-trailer-solar-powered-portable-cabin8x16-Cross-Gable-Tiny-House-high-resolution-rez-interior18x16-Cross-Gable-Tiny-House-high-resolution-rez-interior8x16-Cross-Gable-Tiny-House-trailer-inteiror-sleeping-loft-insulated-windows8x16-Cross-Gable-Tiny-House-on-wheels-porch-ladder-loft-solar-powered-lights8x16 Cross Gable Tiny House - Interior8x16-Tiny-House-on-Trailer-kitchenette-zodi-water-heater-composting-toilet-solid-fuel-dickenson-marine8x16_cross_gable_tinyhouse_interior-(19)8x16-cross-gable-tiny-house-solar-octagon-window8x16-cross-gable-tiny-house-interior-composting-toilet-solid-fuel-marine-heater8x16-cross-gable-tiny-house-on-a-trailer-view-from-ladder-looking-down-into-bathroom8x16-dormered-tiny-house-on-wheels-small-porch8x16-dormered-tiny-house-on-wheels-solar-powered-solar-panel-included8x16 Dormered Tiny House on Wheels - Exterior8x16 Dormered Tiny House on Wheels - Exterior8x16-dormered-tiny-house-on-trailer-solar-package-xantrex-powerhub8x16 Dormered Tiny House - Interior8x16-dormered-tiny-house-with-sleeping-loft-four-season-portable-cabin8x16 Dormered Tiny House on Wheels - Interior8x16-dormered-tiny-house-wheels-storage-loft-octagon-window8x16 Dormered Tiny House - Interior8x16 Casa Picolo - Inventory display model, first come, first served

Tiny House on Wheels

Delivered to your land from our facility in Southern Vermont, this charming 8×16 tiny house on a trailer is ready for year round use in harsh climates. It is completely self-sufficient set up for remote of locations.

The fully assembled shell option is for an un-insulated building with the trailer. Call us toll-free to find out how you can customize this shell. 1-866-297-3760.

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Product Description

post and beam tiny house on trailer, four season tiny house on wheels

This tiny house includes kitchen and living area, bathroom with shower, composting toilet, a loft sleeping space, and porch with railing. Permanently fastened to a new trailer, this design is small enough to travel on the road and large enough to live comfortably. The house includes a solar electrical package, a kitchenette, a Dickinson solid fuel marine heater, and keyless entry.

Insulation throughout is all spray foam providing a very high R-value, keeping the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The 30 year painted metal roof is Evergreen color. An abundance of windows providing ample natural. Hand made in Vermont, from native rough sawn lumber, this picturesque tiny house will be the envy of friends.

The tiny house is powered by a solar electrical package that consists of two solar panels, power converter, and backup batteries. The kitchen area has a fully plumbed sink with exterior water hookups. It also includes counter space, cabinets, and an LP cook top for heating water for the shower and cooking. The bathroom features a shower and Nature’s Head composting toilet for comfortable living when travelling and boon docking.
We also offer alternative choices for running water, electricity and plumbing; and other custom options such as sensitivity concerns to insulation and glued materials. The un-insulated shell option does not include a trailer. We are happy to discuss making modifications to the building to fit your personal needs. Check out our tiny house on wheels plans to learn more about its layout.

A fully assembled, un-insulated shell with trailer is also available for purchase.

Specification Sheet (8x16)

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