16x16 Homesteader
16x16 Homesteader16x16 Homesteader16x16 Homesteader16x16 Homesteader - Exterior showing this cabin with a four foot porch16x16 Homesteader16x16 Homesteader16x16 Homesteader - Interior16x16 Homesteader - Interior16x16 Homesteader - Interior16x16 Homesteader - Interior16x16 Homesteader - Interior16x16 Homesteader - Interior

16×16 Homesteader

Another new Tiny House design from Jamaica Cottage Shop cozy enough to be used as a cottage, tiny home, guesthouse, kid's bunkhouse, hunting cabin, or use it for that home workshop, artist studio, pond house or even country garden shed.


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Product Description


16x16 Homesteader - floorplanThe cabin is built with a steep 12/12 pitch roof and with the full 8′ walls and 60 square foot loft, that makes this space much more liveable than the square footage would indicate. Add our insulation package and wood stove roof flashing to make this cabin ready for 4-season use. It includes the 6×16 Covered Porch which makes it even more comfortable both inside and out. Don’t want the porch? We have you covered – check out our new 10×16 Harvester Cabin.

All of our wood sheds, storage sheds, garden sheds, cottages and utility enclosures are built of the finest Vemront lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability.

View Specification Sheet (16x16)

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